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Medical Import


Kreiser Medical Ltd. was founded in order to supply the specialized service of import of medications unavailable otherwise in Israel, as allowed by Israeli health regulation 29c.

Regulation 29c recognizes the right of any Israeli citizen to any pharmacological treatment, even if the required medication is not yet registered for use in Israel, or if its registration has expired. The law limits such medications to be approved in any western country, or in Japan. According to regulation 29c, the importer must be a pharmacist.
Import of medications according to regulation 29c necessitates the filling out of "Form 29" by any physician licensed in Israel. Although not a prerequisite, this is generally the attending specialist who initially recommended the treatment, however "form 29" can be filled out by general practitioners as well.
To obtain a blank "form 29" please click here
The Process
  1. Filling out a "Form 29" by an Israeli physician.
  2. Supplying the form to Kreiser Medical
  3. Obtaining Israeli Ministry of Health approval for the import. This is performed by Kreiser Medical and is usually a quick procedure.
  4. Kreiser Medical will quote the price of the medication and if approved by the patient.
  5. Import of the medication and supply to the patient.
Supply of the Medication
Medicines are either imported by courier in a controlled environment and insured against loss or damage, or by registered shipment utilizing the postal service. Please note that medications requiring special handling conditions, such as refrigeration, must be imported by courier.
Depending upon the urgency of the medical treatment, the patient will choose the method of carriage, whether by "urgent" or "normal" shipment. Urgent shipments are costlier than normal ones.
Timing for supply of medications
  • Urgent shipments - usually within 7 working days (taking into account holidays in Israel and in the country of origin). Normal shipments - usually within 21 working days (taking into account holidays in Israel and in the country of origin).
All price quotes received from Kreiser Medical Ltd. include all tariffs imposed on imported articles and Israeli VAT, beyond the initial cost of the drug.
Contact us for more information

You can also contact Ilan Kreiser either by phone, fax or by e-mail, mentioning the exact medication required, quantity needed and urgency, along with contact details, and we will get back to you immediately.